What Do You Think About Additional Uses Of Jellies?

Meat of any variety or combination thereof may be utilized to create your favorite meatball. Beef, pork, chicken, turkey , even chorizo has been used with success. We refer to ground meat obviously.

Experiment utilizing your favorite additions: bread crumbs, dry cheeses, vegetables such as carrots, celery, fresh onion, peppers etc. Herbs and spices such as : cumin, granulated garlic and/ or onion, Italian seasoning, and others maybe added.

Add egg as a binder usually 1 per 2 pounds of meat is sufficient.
2 # of ground meat will create approximately 40 golf ball sized balls.
Our experience has shown that after rolling the balls, deep frying them in approximately 2 inches of oil yields the best balls. Use a medium heat to prevent burning the balls. Once they exhibit nicely colored brownish color remove them from the oil.

Place them into a dish while the remaining balls are fried. Using the jelly of choice the two most utilized being the Blackberry or Cherry flavored Jalapeno jellies. Heat the contents of a jar, adding your personal favorite mustard. Brown, yellow, spicy, German, your selection added to achieve the taste you prefer. Cider vinegar in small amounts is recommended. adding honey or sugar if desired. One jar of jelly will usually satisfactorily cover 40 meatballs.

Adding the meatballs to a slow cooker or crock pot is the recommended manner to finish the cooking process. We suggest a low heat temperature to prevent drying of the final product.

Experiment and enjoy!

Our customers have reported great success with this recipe. Many comments have been received such as ” where have you been hiding this recipe?
We have utilized this recipe with variations offering samples at our stands at farmers markets throughout central Ohio with amazing success.