About Us

About Us

The Nicely/ Langwell family has been involved in the food service industry for over 120 years, the founder was Lillian “Lillie” Nicely my maternal Grandmother. She founded the Dew Drop Inn, a roadside restaurant located at the intersection of routes Ohio 20 and 4 near Bellevue, Ohio

Lillie raised 12 children on a 100-acre farm following the demise of her husband, during the depression era.

Her daughter Lila followed her, a respected caterer and served as the dietician for the Bellevue school system.

I representing the third generation and my daughter Cindy established Cindy’s Gourmet Foods 16 years ago.

The business created bakery products: bread, muffins, cakes, and jellies serving multiple farmer’s markets located surrounding Columbus, Ohio.

The family was also represented by two master butchers serving as meat department managers for two Atlantic and Pacific grocery store markets.

Cindy’s Gourmet Foods was the culmination of several forces. Family and friends requesting jars of our products. Their comments on the quality and unique formulation of the products and the fact that the products were not available through competitors.

Sixteen years the operation served farmer’s markets located surrounding Columbus, Ohio.

Bakery products in addition to our jelly creations were met with overwhelming appreciation focused on their unique recipes and quality.

Through the years we have been encouraged to establish an online presence to grow our brand. 2020 with the Covid 19 era created a dramatic downturn for the business, as farmer’s markets closed throughout the area. Health restrictions dealing with social distancing made it virtually impossible for the markets to operate.

Faced with closing the operation, we elected to accept the advice of our loyal customers and create an online presence.

What thing make the product unique and desired?
Our small batch techniques and the quality which they contain.